Principles of human nutrition

Principle #1 Food is a basic need of humans.

Principle #2 Foods provide energy (calories), nutrients, and other substances needed for growth and health.

Principle #3 Health problems related to nutrition originate within cells.

Principle #4 Poor nutrition can result from both inadequate and excessive levels of nutrient intake.

Principle #5 Humans have adaptive mechanisms for managing fluctuations in food intake.

Principle #6 Malnutrition can result from poor diets and from disease states, genetic factors, or combinations of these causes.

Principle #7 Some groups of people are at higher risk of becoming inadequately nourished than others.

Principle #8 Poor nutrition can influence the development of certain chronic diseases.

Principle #9 Adequacy and balance are key characteristics of a healthy diet.

Principle #10 There are no “good” or “bad” foods.


Judith E. Brown. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle 3rd Edition.


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